Inkmill Vinyl complete graphic fit-out for London Restaurant

The interior decor is vibrant and immersive. The walls are covered in rich full colour printed vinyl, gold vinyl details and complex printed patterns.

A perfect example of how to use vinyl graphics to quickly transform a modern unit into an atmospheric and tranquil space. 

vinyl wall paper with white mandala pattern


The Project

We were delighted to be selected to work on this progressive and forward-thinking project. The restaurant, which also houses a yoga studio, runs as a charity pledging to feed a child in need with every meal or yoga class sold. Find more information about the organisation here.

The development has two floors and includes a restaurant with open kitchen, glazed conservatory eating area, reception bar, then upstairs along a glazed walkway to the yoga studio and changing facilities.

Printed Wall Murals

The walls are covered in huge mural prints measuring three to four meters and proceed up the stairway.

We print the imagery in our studio on high definition large format printers. Prints are prepared in a number of ‘drops’ which are then pieced together with invisible overlapping joins on site during installation. This allows us to create larger than life images. 

preparing large format printed wall vinyl


Window Patterns

The restaurant which is in a modern development has extensive glazing.

Mandala pattern designs are printed to optically clear vinyl and applied to on interior glass. These patterns are delicate and softens the steel and glazing partitions. Window patterns such as this create privacy screening between the various internal spaces.

These mandala patterns also extend as intricate white print on top of full coloured vinyl wallpaper.

Wall mural

Gold Vinyl

There is plenty if luxurious gold vinyl within this building. You cannot print gold – not a rich reflective metallic gold so we have cut vinyl gold decals for secondary application.  

gold vinyl wall pattern

There is even a circular Sanskrit text mandala in luxurious gold applied to the wall mural in the yoga studio.


Yoga wall gold mandalaWall text

This restaurant has a message to tell, all businesses do. An obvious and clear way to tell your message is through text captions. Captions should be simple and bold.  

Vinyl lettering and text litter the walls of this space. Some of the lettering is part of the graphic print and other text is applied later using cut vinyl.

We have a bespoke text  tool for producing custom vinyl lettering, found on our website here. Be sure to sign in before you start creating your text.


printed wall muralWhy use vinyl instead of paint?

Vinyl offers the ability to apply photographic and digital imagery to walls in a very large format.

Vinyl also offers precision and clear lines. This is often hard to achieve with paint, because it can be time consuming, messy, and less defined.

Projects that are both temporary and permanent can benefit from vinyl. Vinyl is easy to install to cover large areas and simple to remove. Vinyl can also last for years in the right situation should you need a more permanent display.


We are always happy to hear from you and offer advice on your project. Get in touch here.


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