Window Manifestation Regulations Explained – A Simple Guide

Glass is a vital element to both interior and exterior design. However, we all know how delicate glass can be, and accidents can happen. This can end up causing a lot of harm. That’s why window manifestation regulations are in place, which outline a few rules you should follow to keep your spaces safe. In order to follow these rules, you must make large glass panels noticeable by putting visible designs on the glass. These are known as window manifestations, which are a great way to improve dull spaces.



Glass provides an almost invisible thermal and sound barrier. This creates a security divide between the inside and outside of a building, whilst still allowing the light in. On top of being a great divider, it also leaves room for personalisation and creating a feature. Window manifestations are vital to enhancing your space, and also for complying to regulations. They give you the chance to add unique designs or branding features to a blank canvas.

Designs for Window Manifestation

Vinyl graphics are fast, simple, and affordable to make. This means that your choices are pretty much endless in terms of both design and colour. Simple, single colour geometric designs are the most basic option for window manifestation to fulfil building regulations. They have a really sleek, clean look that remains timeless.



However, you also have the opportunity to create a custom look for a design-led interior that suits you.

Custom-cut decals can range from small logos, printed designs, frosted window film, or full size vinyl wraps. Full size vinyl wraps hide the glass completely to provide privacy from the outside world.

Colour and clever design can transform dull interiors, above all freshening up a bland room. Discover innovative designs for window manifestations and get some inspiration from our Pinterest boards. We’ve collected some great examples of interiors where window manifestations have really made a statement.

Window Manifestation Regulations Made Simple

Finally, if you have a large pane of glass, you must apply a manifestation to adhere to regulations.. The full version of the regulations can be found here, but we’re giving a breakdown of the essentials.

When Manifestations are Required

Manifestations are necessary in critical locations where people are moving around and could collide with glass.

When Manifestations are Not Required

Manifestations are not required on:

  • Glazing less than 400mm in width between frames
  • Glazing with a rail between 600mm and 1500mm from the floor
  • A single pane glazed door with a substantial frame
  • Glazed doors with a large handle or push plate on either side



The graphic above shows you exactly where your window manifestation should be positioned. Regulation states that the manifestation must be located between 850mm to 1000mm and 1400mm to 1600mm from the floor.

Adhering to these regulations is a great opportunity to enhance your space by applying great design. Our range includes dotted, striped, geometric, and decorative window film so that you can find something that suits you.

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