Privacy window Film – Everything you need to know.

Privacy window film is simply self-adhesive film which is opaque so no one can see through it. Also known as frosted window film, it features in residential and commercial interior design projects to screen views from windows for to create privacy for those inside the building.

Why use privacy window film?

The main advantage of using privacy window film compared to curtains or shutters is that is opaque whilst still letting light into the room. Some building regulations may specify opaque windows in developments to protect the privacy of neighbours. As well as privacy, the window film can also obscure an unattractive view. For example if a window looks out on to a wall or fence, although it provides light into the room, it doesn’t have a very interesting view. A modern alternative to net curtains!

Where to use privacy window film

The most common use in a home will usually be in the bathroom. A room which requires privacy at all times. Placing the film on windows screens the view from the outside in. There are many different types of film. Frosted window film comes in 4 different shades.

Window film for privacy is the most cost effective and easy way to create an opaque sheet of glass. The other options are to use sandblasted or etched glass however these are not as easy to fit to retro fit to doors and windows. The lightweight film can simply stick over the existing glass. Usually the film is applied to the inside of the window however either side can be used. What’s more as well as being long lasting it is also weatherproof.

As well as external windows the film is also really useful for internal windows including glazed doors. Screening views from into bathrooms or other areas of the house which you’d rather not see. These may include areas such as laundry rooms store rooms or utility rooms which are functional but less attractive to look at than the rest of the house.

In this family home the glazed door to the laundry room was covered with privacy window film so that the view of the washing machine and laundry is screened. The door also has a custom vinyl sign which adds real character.

Glazed door with privacy film

The view from this kitchen improves with a pretty decorative frosted window film. The nature inspired pattern of birds and flowers transforms the window and stops people on the outside being able to see what’s going on in the kitchen. The pattern on this window is Hummingbird and Hibiscus available on our website.

Kitchen window privacy film

It’s not just homes that need privacy. In commercial buildings such as offices film screens areas such as meeting rooms, breakout spaces and kitchens from the rest of the workplace, avoiding a goldfish bowl effect. In some cases where large glass partitions or windows are a part of a building’s design, building regulations determine that vinyl designs called window manifestations are essential to ensure safety. The designs actually prevent accidents by stopping people walking into the windows.

If you are considering a large window such as the one in this picture, we recommend using a professional installer. Call us to find out more about this service.

Frosted window film manifestation

Different types of window film

Basic frosted film has four different levels of opacity to choose from. The lightest shade allows the most light in. The darkest is not only opaque but has a slight dark coloured tint to it, blocking out even more light. As well as plain frosted window film there is also decorative film. These feature patterns and designs to add real wow factor to plain old windows. Choose from geometric designs, patterns from nature or typography. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, design your own. Simply create a graphic and upload it to the website. In a few days your design is on it’s way to you ready to put on to your window.

Alternatively translucent coloured window film – whilst not opaque – obscures the view and can create some stunning effects by choosing different panels of pattern or colour in the style of a modern stained glass window.

Buying your privacy window film

The most cost effective way to buy plain frosted window film is off the roll by the metre. You can then cut the exact size you need for each window panel. For decorative and custom designs enter your sizes as you order to ensure you receive the right amount. Simply measure your window panels and use the measurements on the website to calculate the cost of exactly what you need. Each panel will arrive cut to the exact size that you need ready for you to apply to your window.

The film is really easy to use and  fits to any smooth window surface. For a smooth application on glass we recommend the wet apply method. Using a water sprayer helps to stop the adhesive from drying and  sticking too quickly. This gives you time to squeegee out all the bubbles for a perfect seamlessly smooth application. We recommend applying the window film on a day when it is not too sunny and warm. If the weather is too warm it is tricky to apply. For extra tips on how to apply frosted window film to glass see our website

Discover our range of privacy window film on the Inkmill Vinyl website.




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