Etched Glass, Sandblasted Glass or Frosted Window Film?

Acid etched glass, sandblasted glass, and frosted window film all give an opaque glass look. They are all created using different methods, and give different effects. We are going to compare all three, and see which is the best for you.


Frosted Window Film vs Etched Glass vs Sandblasted Glass


Acid Etched Glass

Acid etched glass: what is it?

Glass processed to have an opaque, frosted look.

How to acid etch glass

Acid etching involves applying an acid-based solution which ‘eats’ away at the smooth surface of the glass.

Uses of acid etched glass

This technique is best for creating smaller, decorative items like vases, mirrors, or glassware.

Is acid etched glass permanent?

Yes, acid etching is non-reversible. Unfortunately, the process can weaken the glass, making it vulnerable to damage from extreme temperatures.


Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasted glass: what is it?

This is a method of creating opaque glass.

How to sandblast glass

The surface of the glass has sand fired at it at high speed from a machine, creating abrasions which cause a frosted effect. Opacity varies depending on the pressure of the sand. Unfortunately, the process can remove up to 2mm from the surface of the glass, which makes the glass weaker and more susceptible to cracking.

Can sandblasted glass get wet?

If sandblasted glass becomes wet, this makes it transparent and unsuitable for privacy.

Is sandblasted glass permanent?

Yes, sandblasted glass is a permanent effect.


Frosted Window Film vs Etched Glass vs Sandblasted Glass


Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film: what is it?

A sticker that produces the opaque glass effect without causing damage to the glass itself, offering a range of patterns, designs, and opacity levels to choose from. You can even design your own. It’s quick and easy to install, without any mess or dangerous chemicals, and it provides UV protection and insulation.

Does frosted window film resist water?

Frosted window film is resistant to moisture inside and out, lasting for many years.

Is frosted window film expensive?

Frosted window film is just a fraction of the price of etched glass.

Can you remove frosted window film?

Yes! You can easily remove frosted window film. That means you can change your design or placement at any time.

How to apply frosted window film

We have an easy guide that you can follow on how to apply frosted window film.


Window film is a versatile solution for creating privacy, displaying brand identity, or simply adding a sleek design to your space. You can choose from ready-made vinyl window film patterns and borders for window manifestations, or you can design your own. For inspiration on how to use frosted window film at home, see our blog on 5 Easy frosted window film decorating ideas, or take a look at our Inspirational Store Windows Pinterest board to see the potential for your business.


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