5 Easy frosted window film decorating ideas

Frosted window film is an easy to use removable vinyl used to decorate windows and glass panels. It provides shade, privacy or add interest to a plain glass panel. Also known as window privacy film, it provides an easy and affordable alternative to expensive sandblasted or acid etched glass. Translucent vinyl which has a similar effect for decorating and comes in a variety of colours.

Here are 5 easy ways to use frosted window film at home.


This traditional aeroplane design provides shade, interest and privacy in a young child’s nursery room

Frosted window film for a nursery

Traditional nursery window design

Aeroplanes and sailing boats are amongst the traditional designs of window film patterns for children. There is a wide range of  which can be used to decorate nursery windows. Animals like birds and butterflies or sky patterns such as clouds, stars and rainbows are also popular choices.



Make your shower room unique to you by adding a vinyl window film. Made from translucent vinyl, this raindrops pattern adds a quirky element to a shower room. If you require privacy, choose a frosted window film and reverse out the pattern so less clear glass is visible.

Translucent coloured vinyl in a shower screen

Translucent vinyl on a shower screen



Use patterns themed on the rooms they are used in. This kitchen window with a coffee pot theme provides privacy and adds a fun element of design to the room.

Frosted window film for a kitchen

Kitchen window



Large windows offer an opportunity to frame a view. A pattern of falling leaves has been used to complement this countryside setting, whilst allowing the view to shine through.

Frosted window film for a large window

Frosted window film on large glass panels



Choose your own fonts to create numbers or house names. These are often placed in the window above the door, otherwise known as a toplight or transom window. Contemporary front doors surrounded by glass panels can be decorated with patterned films for a unique look. The oversized address numbers on this house in Seattle are a vinyl decal that the interior designer customised for this transom.

Listing - East of Market Shingle Home

To create your own numbers and house names use the custom vinyl lettering tool at inkmillvinyl.co.uk

Frosted window film is versatile and easy to use adding a designer touch to plain glass. Patterns can be scaled to size to fit your window. Choose from a wide variety of colours and finishes. Create your own design and upload to our website to get a custom made design for your home. Inkmill Vinyl is an online retailer of vinyl wall stickers in the UK. To see more frosted window film patterns visit inkmillvinyl.co.uk

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