3 Types of Wayfinding Signage You Need

Wayfinding signage is an essential part of any commercial space. It allows people to navigate your space easily. Here are three types of wayfinding signage that can enhance your space and help people to find their way around.

Directional and Arrow Wayfinding Signage

Directional wayfinding makes use of arrows and other signs to guide people in a specific way. This means that people can easily find what they’re looking for, and they know exactly which way they need to go to find it. Whether you are indicating an exit route, where to pay for items, or where to find the nearest toilets, directional wayfinding signage is rarely used alone. Arrows are most useful when used alongside text or facility symbols. This is because arrows need context. In other words, they need to describe what they are pointing to. To do this, you can use letters, numbers, and symbols.

Text and Numbers Wayfinding Signage

Text and numbers are a simple way to signify where to find specific things. Numbering and lettering can be big and bold for statement design, or it can be small and simple for basic everyday use. Used alone, it is good for labelling rooms and buildings – simply to tell you where you already are. Used in conjunction with directional signage, it guides you to where you need to be.

Facility Symbol Wayfinding Signage

Facility symbols are some of the most important kinds of wayfinding signage. These signs indicate where to find necessities in a universal language. Small, well-designed graphics can be used alongside text or on their own. People recognise these symbols all over the world. Because of this, many people find them an easier alternative to text to prevent language barriers.

Used together, arrows, text, and symbols are the perfect combination. They draw on all three elements of wayfinding to give clear, simple direction in a way that everyone can understand.

Why Use Vinyl for Wayfinding?

Vinyl is a quick and easy way to achieve useful and impactful wayfinding signage. It is easy to put up and take down again, making it easy to swap out when your plans change. Easier and less messy than paint, and more temporary than engravings, vinyl can last for years.

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