10 Inspiring wall stickers for kid’s rooms

Wall stickers for kids are a great source of decorating ideas. Also known as vinyl decals they create affordable wall art – easy to apply, remove and change. Wall stickers for kids, provide a quick and easy wall décor update to a room, without the inconvenience and expense of repainting. Made from easily removable vinyl so you can change the designs to suit children as they grow. They can also be easily customised with lettering or bespoke designs to feature names or favourite characters.

Here are 10 easy ways to use children’s wall stickers to decorate bedrooms and playrooms.

1. Bold patterns for babies and toddlers


Babies’ senses are stimulated by bold patterns. Simple contrasting patterns are easy to identify from a very young age.  Circles, stars and simple graphic patterns like this cloud wall pattern create a classic design for a traditional nursery or playroom.


Cloud Wall Stickers for kids rooms

Cloud pattern for a child’s bedroom

2. Dinosaur vinyl wall stickers


Kids are always fascinated with these larger than life creatures. How about a T-Rex or a stegosaurus roaming around the room, or a Pterodactyl flying across the ceiling. This wall pattern will delight kids, featuring lots of different dinosaurs.


dinosaur wall stickers for kids rooms

Dinosaur patterned vinyl for a child’s bedroom

3. Height Charts


Height charts are great way for kids and parents to see how just how much they’ve grown. With lots of different designs available in a wide variety of colours, choose a chart based on their interests – from prince and princess castles to ballerinas and dance, dinosaurs, or space adventures like Star Wars. Use a sharpie or chalkboard pen to mark on special days like birthdays and Christmas.


height chart wall stickers for kids rooms

Height Chart for children

4. Words and Names


Welcome baby home to the nursery or personalise the playroom with your child’s name on a sticker. Order individual letters in any size to make up their name or an inspiring quotation. Add elements like flowers, stars, planets, animals, robots or dinosaurs to make up your own unique design.


vinyl name wall stickers for kids rooms

Custom name stickers for doors and walls


5. Vinyl blackboards


Encourage creativity – whilst limiting damage to your home! Easy to apply blackboard vinyl decals are available in different designs and can be ordered to your choice of size to fit your wall space. Alternatively customise a piece of furniture like a desk or wardrobe with a vinyl blackboard shape or panel. Creating a chalkboard covered table is an easy weekend DIY project.


Vinyl chalkboard wall stickers for kids rooms

Chalkboards can be created from any existing design or upload your own for a bespoke creation


6. Robot vinyl wall stickers


These simple bold designs can really make an impact in a large format. Or have a few robots of different sizes and line them up to make a robot family on the wall! For fans of Star Wars check out these height charts and spaceships.


robot wall stickers for kids rooms

A robot family on the wall


7. Borders


Borders can be used on walls or windows. This elephant border uses a strong contrasting colour to add interest to a wall.


elephant vinyl wall stickers for kids rooms

An african elephant border for a kid’s bedroom

Alternatively a white silhouette vinyl border on a pastel wall works for a pretty décor scheme. Borders can be placed at floor level above skirting or across the middle of the room joining up shelves, desks or windows. This grass border brightens up a playroom and brings the outside in.


Green grass vinyl wall stickers for kids rooms

Green grass border creates a garden in the playroom.

8. Alphabets and numbers


Use custom vinyl lettering to make alphabet and number borders which are easy to apply, brightening up a room. Children’s wall stickers can be educational, helping kids to learn letters and numbers. Use bright, primary colours and you can teach these too.


Number wall stickers for kids rooms

Use numbers and words around the house and kids will learn them easily.

9. Vinyl wall stickers for teenager’s rooms


Teenagers love bold statement décor. Using vinyl is perfect solution for teenagers’ as their tastes change as they grow. Using wall stickers for kids rooms are a quick, easy to apply, affordable and easy to remove allows for easy updates. Encourage hobbies and sports with larger than life silhouettes in the room. A world map can be used to plot adventures and record memories.Or cover a whole wall with a vinyl wall pattern for instant impact in a room.


World Map wall stickers for kids rooms

Where will you go next?


10. Animal wall stickers for kids rooms


Mad about horses, cats or dogs? Make them a part of the room décor. Children have vivid imaginations and will enjoy their new room mates joining in with their playtime. If your wall space is taken up with furniture, use window film instead.


Animal vinyl border wall stickers for kids rooms

A horse border used on a wide window.

Wall stickers for kid’s rooms are a versatile way to bring colour and fun to your kid’s rooms without breaking the bank. With so many designs to choose from, being easy to apply and removable means you can update rooms as children grow and their tastes change. Discover all of our children’s wall stickers on the Inkmill vinyl Website.


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