Vinyl Text at Exhibitions, Galleries and Trade Shows

Text is vital for a variety of events and locations. Impactful, clean and clear captions and titles are essential for galleries, exhibitions, trade shows and events. This is important for branding and offering context. One effective way to achieve this is through using vinyl text.

Vinyl Text for Galleries and Exhibitions

Captions in galleries and exhibitions are essential to offering context to a variety of mediums, such as art, sculptures, photographs or film. You can use captions to label the artwork, the artist, a description, and potentially a price. Captions often need to be temporary. Vinyl lettering offers clean lines that are more precise than paint and can also be removed once the exhibition comes to an end.

Text can easily be created using our online create your own custom text tool. This allows you to choose the font, size, colour and finish to fit in with your branding.

vinyl text exhibition gallery

Vinyl decals and printed vinyl caption for New Grounds Exhibition at Brighton Photo Fringe 2018

Vinyl Text for Trade Shows and Venues

Trade shows often require clever branding strategies. This might include logos, text about the brand, contact information and images. Vinyl can be used to create these and offers a clean, professional look. Once again, the vinyl is easy to remove for temporary pop-ups, stalls or singular events at a venue.

White vinyl decal lettering and back lit sign. Image provided by Standard8

Black vinyl decal lettering for Monapink, image supplied by Monapink.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Text

Below are a series of common questions regarding vinyl text for such events.

What surface should I stick my vinyl text to?

Firstly, you can apply your vinyl text to a number of places. It works perfectly on any smooth, rigid surface. If you are applying to the inside of glass to be facing outwards, the vinyl text can be cut in reverse so that it reads in the right direction from the outside. Vinyl is ideal for matt walls and metal surfaces, and is consequently perfect for a blank gallery wall or exhibition space.

How long should I wait to apply vinyl after painting my surface?

We recommend waiting at least 48 hours after painting a surface to avoid damaging the fresh paint.

Should I use gloss or matt text?

If your text is going to be under bright lights, we would recommend matt. Gloss has a tendency to cause glare from indoor lights, making it more difficult to read. However, gloss creates a more vibrant and effective look outdoors.

Should I use printed text or vinyl decals?

That depends on personal preference, and the nature of your exhibition, gallery or show.

Cut away from the background, the lettering stands alone with a vinyl decal.

Detail of in production vinyl decal lettering for, Base Cultures 70/50 Exhibition 2018.

Printed Vinyl

Text printed directly onto sheet vinyl is also an option.

Printed vinyl caption board for Bartletts Summer Show 2018

Print laminated to board for tripod sign. Image supplied by Gold Park Jewellery

What size should my vinyl text be?

Your vinyl text should be at least 15mm high. Make sure it’s large enough to be read easily at an arm’s length or more. For larger text, you can go graphic with big, bold text depending on your goals.

Printed caption lettering. Image provided by Standard8

What font should I use for vinyl text?

The font you use is usually down to personal preference, but it should be something clean, clear, and easy to read. Script fonts can be nice, but they aren’t always the easiest for your guests to read. Using a mixture of fonts can create a nice effect, but we recommend no more than three to keep a consistent theme.

What colour should I use for my vinyl text?

Black is usually a good option – likewise, charcoal and dark grey colours can often be flattering on the space and less stark against white backgrounds. Pick a contrasting colour from the background that you will be applying the text, because this will make it easier to read. For example, if your background is black or grey, you might want to opt for white text as a result. You can also choose brightly coloured vinyl to set a different kind of tone and add a pop of colour.

Why use vinyl instead of paint?

Most importantly, vinyl offers precision and clear lines. This is often hard to achieve with paint, because it can be time consuming, messy, and less defined.

Both temporary and permanent exhibitions can benefit from vinyl, due to the fact that it is easy to install and remove. However, vinyl can also last for years should you need a more permanent display.

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