Vinyl letters and number signs around the house

Vinyl letters and numbers are a versatile, quick and easy way to name and label items and areas around your home. Create labels with ready-made vinyl letter and number sets. Alternatively create the words you need with our custom lettering tool, then design your text by choosing fonts and sizes. Get instant online quotes and quick delivery when you choose to buy. Here’s a few ideas for vinyl letters and numbers around the house.


Vinyl letters and numbers for front doors

Naming your front door in style with vinyl numbers or a name is really easy to do. Firstly, vinyl numbers can be applied directly to wooden doors. Secondly unlike paint, numbers are quick and easy to apply, not to mention clean. Finally applying vinyl numbers needs no tools, in contrast to metal numbers or name plates, therefore there’s no need for additionally worrying about mistakes being made.

vinyl numbers for doors

Otherwise apply to the transom window above the door. Apply a reverse vinyl number or name on the inside of the glass panel. Choose from a wide range of coloured vinyl to match your exterior colour scheme.

vinyl numbers for glass

This homeowner recreated an expensive acid etched glass effect using translucent numbers made from frosted window film. Numbers placed in the centre of the transom above the door shine in the reflected light. Not only is this a really easy to do, but also an extremely cost effective way to create an equally stylish door number to match this essentially classic home style.

vinyl numbers on glass door

Go oversized. Front door numbers are usually quite small whereas modern houses with large glass doors and sidelights can use vinyl letters and numbers for a design led look.

Oversized vinyl numbers


Vinyl numbers for mail boxes

Match mailboxes identically with vinyl letters or numbers in the same fonts and colours as the front door to create an coordinating look.

Abilene, TX: Camille Dickson


Vinyl numbers for dustbins

In order to make bins instantly recognisable apply vinyl letters and numbers. Since waste and recycling bins can go missing from the properties they belong to having numbers in front of them can make this less of a problem.


Vinyl numbers for dustbin


Signs for doors

Use letters to make signs on glazed panel doors throughout the house. We particularly love this stylish glazed door with a simple WC sign in a classic font making an otherwise functional door into design feature.

Vinyl letters WC sign

A bath sign in the middle of this glazed panel makes an equally stylish statement on this bathroom door.

Vinyl letters bath sign

Gold letters emphasize the Pantry sign for this otherwise plain door.

Vinyl letters pantry sign

Ordinarily the the laundry room is a tucked away and forgotten space. While in this house the sign for a glazed panel door, together with vinyl wall decals, as used above the sink, add some fun not to mention designer style to the room.

vinyl laundry sign

Signs for children

Not surprisingly kids love to personalise their home space. Create name labels from vinyl letters and use them on door names, as well as wall stickers on wardrobes or bedheads or to decorate their rooms. Because the stickers are easily removable, it’s easy to change the decor as children grow and their tastes change.

Vinyl name sticker


In summary vinyl letters and numbers are easy to use decals for labelling around the house. Inkmill Vinyl sells vinyl wall stickers, frosted window films and vinyl decals for homes and businesses in the UK. Use our custom vinyl lettering tool to create your own sign. Try it now. Type in your wording for an instant online quote. Quick delivery, along with all the tools and instructions that you need to apply your vinyl letters and number signs around the house.  Discover more custom vinyl stickers and decals at


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