Nature and Tree Wall Stickers – Bringing the outside in

Bringing the outside in is a continuing trend in interiors.  It is also a way of creating an affinity with nature inside your home.  Using natural materials such as wood, leather, bamboo and house plants recreates elements of nature inside your home. But what about your walls? Nature themed flower and tree wall stickers are an ideal way to add a bit of green to plain old walls. Bring the colours of nature into your home with our tree wall stickers.

Tree Wall Stickers

Tree wall stickers are ideal if you’d like to bring the colours and patterns of nature in to your home. Whether as an individual custom design or fill a wall with colour using our nature themed vinyl wall patterns. There are so many different types of designs to choose from. Bring the plant filled rustic boho trend to your home without the worry of how to keep your plants alive. Like all of our custom stickers this cheese plant sticker can be sized to order to fit the wall size you need to fill. Cheese plants grow very energetically and can quickly take over a room however you can choose the size of this one so it will always be just the right size!

Cheese plant Tree wall sticker

Don’t forget that if you can’t find what you are looking for on our website we can create any vinyl graphic from your own design. Simply create your graphic as a vector file and upload your design onto our website. We’ll cut a vinyl graphic from your design to create your own truly bespoke wall design.

This retro flowers vinyl wall pattern adds colour into an otherwise minimalist Scandi style bedroom.

Retro Flower Pattern wall sticker


Turn your walls into playscapes by making them a part of your children’s play area. Adding a tree wall sticker to this wall creates an instant garden for the dolls’ house encouraging children with creative play. Another design idea to bring nature indoors is to add one a grass border to the edge of your room.


Tree Wall Patterns

Go bold with this falling leaves wall pattern in a bright nature’s green. Home decor is becoming bolder with statement walls and colourful decor now a feature in more homes than ever before.

Silver birch tree wall stickers look great in a monochrome home. These elegant trees with their subtle striped bark patterns add a lot of character in to this staircase.

Silver birch tree wall stickers

So you see that you don’t have to be green fingered to bring the outside in to your home decor. Flowers, leaves and trees can all be simply applied to the walls. Say goodbye to boring walls. Our easy to use wall stickers will add colour and character to your home.


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