Simply stunning frosted bathroom window designs

Privacy is essential in a bathroom.  Let in light whilst ensuring privacy by using window privacy film to create a frosted bathroom window. In addition frosted window film is easy to apply and an affordable alternative to expensive sandblasted glass. A versatile solution that works in both modern and period properties.

Stunning frosted bathroom window designs in modern houses

modern frosted bathroom window
This beautiful bathroom is situated in a contemporary house in the Hollywood Hills in California. A layer of vinyl film creates a frosted bathroom window panel. Privacy is ensured while making the most of the stunning views of the hillside and sea. Frosted vinyl allows the maximum amount of light into the room. Recreate the look –  buy frosted vinyl in made to measure sizes.  First of all choose your vinyl, enter the dimensions of the area you wish to cover and get an instant online quote. In addition Inkmill supplies vinyl for areas which are not rectangular  – contact us to create a bespoke frosted vinyl film shape.


contemporary frosted bathroom window
The Treehouse in Maryland was built in the 1960s. It features a lot of wood, almost blending in with it’s surroundings in a forest setting. This shower room lets the outside in with frosted window film, making the most of the double aspect view out into the forest.
small frosted bathroom window
 Since the windows in this bathroom are located close to the property line, small windows are set into the marble wall. Furthermore they are frosted to let light in as well as obscure an unattractive view.

Stunning frosted bathroom window designs in character properties


traditional frosted bathroom window
Create a bathroom with a view. Light still floods into this bathroom due to the frosted bathroom window film panel as well as a large mirror wall.


frosted window in traditional bathroom
A traditionally styled bathroom with window privacy film. A frosted bathroom window panel cut to size for a specific area.
patterned frosted window
Patterned vinyl window film in this bathroom complements a mosaic floor opposite marble tiling used on the walls and floor. Recreate this look and  buy patterned vinyl window film.
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