How To Use the Pattern Tool for Commercial Window Film

Commercial window film patterns are a great way of bringing sleek, on-brand design to your workplace. They can offer privacy from the outside world and a modern look. However, they can also be a necessity to conform to window manifestation safety regulations, which are in place to stop people colliding with large areas of glass. You can make your own in just a few simple steps. Our pattern tool is quick and simple to use, so you can update your office with ease.

how to use the pattern tool window partition

How to Use the Pattern Tool

Here’s a simple guide on how to create a custom window pattern for your office with our pattern tool.


1. Navigate to Window & Wall Patterns


how to use the pattern tool

2. Choose your design from our wide range of ready made window patterns.


how to use the pattern tool



If you need some inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest boards. Once you’ve chosen your pattern, it will open up in our custom pattern tool. Here you can customise your pattern’s size, scale, colour, and finish, and then preview the result.


3. Choose your pattern size and scale

Firstly, start by entering the dimensions of the window space that you want to cover. Then choose the type of vinyl that you would like to use. Frosted vinyls are very popular for office windows, and are available in a range of opacities. You can buy samples of our vinyl to test on your window before you make your order, so that you can make sure you’re happy with your choice. We also have a range of speciality vinyls, which include double sided silver and gold vinyl that looks great on windows.

Explore the buttons on our custom pattern tool to create your perfect pattern.

Scale – All of our patterns are scalable, so you can choose to have the pattern as large or as small as you like. The default scale is 100%. Clicking on the + button next to the pattern scale will enlarge the pattern, and you’ll see your design change in the preview window. Use the + and buttons to make make your pattern the right scale for you.

how to use the pattern tool

Flip – Clicking on the flip button horizontally flips your pattern. Where the vinyl is to be applied to the inside of the window, and there is logo or text which will be read from the outside of the glass, it is important that you ‘flip’ your design. This ensures that the text is cut to be read the right way around from the outside.

Invert – Looking in the preview window, the grey part of the pattern represents the vinyl, and the white represents the negative space which will be cut away. Press the invert button to swap these around. This makes very detailed patterns less dense, allowing more light through. Try it out by clicking the invert button on this complex islamic tile pattern to see how the pattern changes. Additionally, having more grey pattern in your preview creates a denser pattern, giving a greater level of opacity if you are using the pattern for screening or privacy.


how to use the pattern tool


how to use the pattern tool geometric window film pattern

Zoom – These buttons only apply to the preview and won’t actually change your design. They help you to zoom in on the pattern and see the changes you’ve made in more detail.

Next you will have to choose the surface that you are applying the vinyl to. This is so we can send you the correct application guide with your order, detailing the best way to apply vinyl to glass surfaces. At this point you’ll see a little reminder pop up about flipping the design if you need to. For large spaces and multiple orders, we also offer an installation service. Please email us at if you would like to find out more about this.

Choosing Your Designs

When choosing a window film pattern, there are a lot of designs to choose from. Frosted window films replicate acid-etched and sandblasted glass, but are much more cost effective and quicker to install. Their subtle opaque finish creates a beautiful contrast effect. Colour is big news in commercial interiors right now, and helps to bring a boring bland workspace up to date. Use coloured translucent films to work with corporate branding by matching existing corporate colour palettes. We can also create bespoke patterns from your own designs. For example, integrate your logo into the pattern or create room names and numbers for wayfinding. Simply upload them to our website.

how to use the pattern tool for offices

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