Organise your life with vinyl stickers

So is it one of your resolutions to organise your life this year? How are you getting along with that? Are you devouring decluttering tips, list-writing and batch-cooking? Sometimes the most effective methods to organise your life are some of the simplest. Read on to discover some useful products from our range of vinyl stickers that will help you to keep an organised house.

Organise your life with a wall calendar

Our vinyl chalkboard wall calendar is an easy to apply chalkboard vinyl sticker. It sticks on the wall and is perfect for the home office or kitchen. You can write on it with chalk or a chalkboard marker pen and then simply wipe clean and start again. It has no numbers so works as a perpetual calendar. You can customise your week to start on Sunday or Monday or any day you like.

vinyl chalkboard calendar
Image: Topology Interiors

Organise your life with lists

Keeping a to-do list is the number one recommendation to organise your life. Keep yours in sight so you can tick off those tasks and keep on top of it all.

Vinyl stickers for kitchens

Having things visible keeps them at the forefront of our minds. For busy mums and dads our vinyl chalkboard noticeboard helps keep track of the week’s activities. Whether its shopping lists, meal planning, or clubs and activities keep a handy list on your noticeboard and you’ll always have something there to remind you of what’s on the agenda. This design works well on a home office or kitchen wall. It can also works well as a chalkboard for a children’s play room. You can choose the size of your noticeboard when you order so you can literally let them draw on the walls.

Organise your life with labels

To organise your home effectively you need a place for everything and to keep everything in it’s place. Labels are a handy resource which help you to do just that.

Our range of labels are made from chalkboard vinyl so you can write and re-write on them as often as you like. Use them for labelling storage jars, toy boxes, shelves and cupboards.

Vinyl chalkboard labels

Alternatively use our vinyl lettering designer to create your own text for labels and apply them wherever you need to. Choose your font, colour and size to create a style that suits your home.

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