How to Make a Menu Board

Menu boards can be tricky to get right. They have to be easy to change as well as stylish and professional. Here we’re going to show you one easy route you can take to create your own menu board.

Creating a Menu Board

This coffee shop used cut vinyl decals of black letters and stuck them to wooden tiles. This gave a scrabble tile effect. Creating new additions to the menu is easy, as you can quickly make up new words with the tiles. Vinyl lettering is a really easy way to achieve a sleek, professional look. Applied in seconds, vinyl stickers are simple and fast.

Coffeee menu board

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Slotting the tiles into these wooden slats makes changing the menu quick and easy. The natural wood and strong typography bring modern and minimal interior design to the coffee counter.


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Clear, minimal lettering makes menu items easy to read. However, you can customise them and change colours, fonts, and placement so that the aesthetic fits in with your brand. You can have your lettering printed at whatever size you need, and you can also order numbers. This is ideal for displaying prices.

Another easy option for creating a menu board is blackboard vinyl. You can either buy a sheet to stick to your wall and write on, or order custom sizes to be used for small tiles or sandwich boards. Check out our blog post detailing uses for chalkboard vinyl to get inspired.

Finally, if you’re looking for more inspiration for menu boards, shop windows, and other business ideas, check out our Pinterest boards.


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