Kitchen Wall Stickers – 7 Easy to apply instant kitchen updates

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Decorating with kitchen wall stickers

Decorating with kitchen wall stickers is a quick and affordable way to update your room. Kitchens are the heart of the home. The room where we spend the most time and the room that most people dream of decorating to perfection to create a beautiful functional space.  Making a change to your kitchen needn’t be expensive. Kitchen wall stickers are ideal for decorating rented homes as they are an affordable way to make a change, easy to apply as well as easily removable without the need for additional tools. If you want to add interest without making a permanent change. Here’s a quick round-up of some easy to create projects using kitchen wall stickers that we’ve come across recently. See how to add real character to your home by using kitchen wall stickers with these easy to follow kitchen projects.

Kitchen door stickers

Interior design consultancy Create Perfect came to us with a brief to create these pantry and laundry room door signs for a large kitchen refurbishment. The kitchen had a rustic industrial design using dark colours of navy and grey alongside lots of natural wood for flooring and shelving. The large kitchen diner had an old fashioned pantry leading to a laundry room to one side of the kitchen.

The vinyl door signs were created from files uploaded to our website.  Additionally for the laundry door the glass area of the door was measured and frosted window film was cut to fit and applied on the opposite side of the glass to the laundry sign. This helps to hide the view of the the appliances on the other side of the door. The signs were applied by the designer following the instructions sent and the client is very happy with the end result.

Vinyl door signs

Vinyl stickers for kitchen jars

Did you notice the labels on the jars on the pantry shelves? They are a charming addition, like those of an old fashioned sweet store or grocers and fit really well with the rustic theme of this kitchen. Create these easily with chalkboard vinyl. Traditionally Kilner jars or these Korken jars from Ikea are similar to the ones used here. To get this look in your home is an easy weekend craft project.

Vinyl labels for jars

Use these sets of ready made labels made from our blackboard vinyl range. Simply peel off the vinyl backing and apply smoothly to the side of the glass jar. A credit card helps to get apply the vinyl to the glass and get a really smooth finish. Use a chalkboard pen to label the contents of your jars. Chalkboard pens wipe off vinyl so you can easily change the text on the label if you change the contents of the jar. Storage jars are just one use for these labels. They could also be used for kitchen cupboards, drawers, boxes, in wardrobes. They are also great for children’s toy and stationery storage!


Kitchen cabinets

Sticking with a vintage kitchen style we came across this image of a rustic industrial styled kitchen over on the Houzz UK website. Here is an idea of how to create really unique kitchen cabinets. The glass fronted cabinets are enhanced with polished gold vinyl lettering stickers on the inside. This recreates the style of a traditional old french bakery and adds a lot of character to the kitchen cabinets. When sticking vinyl to glass make sure you spray both the vinyl and the glass with water. Otherwise the vinyl can stick too quickly. Spraying with water slows down the drying process which allows you to work the bubbles out and create a really smooth flat finish. Vinyl film can also added to the front of traditional wooden flat panelled kitchen cabinets. Add colour and pattern to your kitchen with words or custom vinyl designs.

Blackboard Kitchen Wall Stickers

These vinyl stickers for kitchens are made from vinyl chalkboard which makes for a really handy noticeboard. If the noticeboard isn’t to your style there’s several other shapes to choose from or instead use an animal, tree, flower or other design. There are lots of ready-made designs to choose from on our website. In fact any of the designs can be made of chalkboard vinyl. If you can’t find a design that you like, create one yourself and upload your file to our website. All of our designs are made to order so you can choose the size to fit the space where you want to apply your vinyl noticeboard sticker.

Vinyl stickers for kitchens

Alternatively how about a simple craft project to create a vinyl noticeboard for your kitchen? The options are limitless, if you can’t find a ready-made design to suit your kitchen, simply buy blackboard vinyl and cut it to the shape you like. Here’s another idea which is simple to do and creates an elegant noticeboard. Using an ornate picture frame, remove the glass plate and simply cover the backplate of the frame with chalkboard vinyl. Use a chalk or a chalkboard pen to keep your schedule up to date.


Another option is to apply chalkboard vinyl to a cupboard door. Instead of a noticeboard design the whole surface is available to write on.

For more great ideas and examples take a look at our blog – Forget Blackboard paint – Blackboard vinyl makes life so much easier.

Frosted Window Film for kitchens

If your kitchen is overlooked vinyl window film for privacy is an ideal solution. This coffee pot design is ideal for a screening a kitchen window. Frosted window film lets in light whilst the opaque appearance of the film provides privacy for the homeowner.

Kitchen window film

Here a plain frosted window film is used to provide privacy from the outdoors in this garden. Although the window film is plain, reflections from the bamboo create a pattern and add interest.

Vinyl wall quotations

Add a focal point to your room with a kitchen wall sticker quotation. Find inspiration in motivational quotations, funny sayings or song lyrics. Alternatively make it personal with family names or important dates. Making your own wall quotation is really easy with our vinyl lettering tool. Simply choose the size of the wall space that you wish to cover. Type your quotation into the box and then use the tools to format the font, size and layout of the quotation. Choose the type of vinyl you want – there’s a wide range of colours as well as special finishes such as flourescent colours and polished gold and silver. When you are happy with the design click to get an instant quote and then proceed to purchase your wall quotation.

Kitchen Wall Stickers

The simple message on this wall makes a statement in this kitchen. The typography suits the bold simple lines of this kitchen design as well as matching the colours used in the kitchen. In addition the wall in the hallway to the kitchen is a chalkboard. Create this feature by covering a wall space in vinyl chalkboard. Unlike when using chalkboard paint, you’ll achieve the look in minutes with no mess, no fuss and no brushes to wash. Simply stick and go!

Wall art for your kitchen

Add some interest to walls with vinyl stickers for kitchens. The world map sticker creates a feature in modern white kitchens. A great way to log or plan your travels. You can write on the vinyl directly with a sharpie, chalkboard pen (if chalkboard vinyl) or use vinyl pin stickers in a bright colour to tick off your bucket list. All of our custom vinyl stickers can be sized to order so you can create the exact size of sticker you need to fit your wall space.

Finally this compact kitchen diner has a quirky feature in the addition of bird sticker to the walls. The clever design creates a feature out of an otherwise blank white wall. It continues the black and white theme of the kitchen throughout the room, as well as drawing the eye up to make the most of the narrow tall space. You may also notice if you look carefully their are some pretty chair stickers on the wall. Recreate the look with these bird stickers in any colour to suit your room.

There are so many designs to choose from when decorating with kitchen wall stickers. It is a great option with something to suit every style of home. Make sure you visit Inkmill Vinyl to create your perfect wall stickers.
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