6 Super quick kids’ room decor updates

Is it time for a change in your kids’ room decor? Children grow and change so quickly sometimes it’s hard to keep up. If your kids’ room decor is tired and outgrown, here are some super quick updates you can make this weekend. With no painting and decorating involved these simple shop and drop solutions can get your kids to love their space again.

6 Super quick fixes for your kids’ room decor

1. Change the Bedding

Perhaps they’ve outgrown the characters or styles that they loved when they were younger. Bedding is a really quick change that you can make with a huge impact. Alongside curtains, bedding is the biggest space to showcase pattern in a room. There are so many great designs to choose from to suit any taste. Add cushions and throws for comfort and style.

Kids bedroom with twin bedding

2. Add a Height Chart to your kids room decor

Kids love seeing how quickly they grow. A height chart can become a feature in a room. With loads of different designs available there’s a height chart for everyone. A height chart is also a great focal point for a family momento. Make sure you mark and photograph all their birthdays and milestones next to the chart as a reminder of the day

Lighthouse height chart

3. Add a Chalkboard to the walls

Get creative and draw on the walls. A chalkboard is a fun addition for kids of any age.


Oak tree shaped vinyl blackboard

4. Get Personal

A sense of their own space is really important for children at any age. Personalise their room with name stickers,  letters or bunting made just for them.

Made by Skoo bunting

This personalised bunting is custom made by hand from Made by Skoo and is created to order with any name or words of your choices.


Vinyl name sticker

Personalise with name stickers. Create your own name stickers on our website with our text tool. Simply enter the name and format the font and colour that you want. The price calculates instantly, once the order is placed you’ll receive your name sticker with everything you need for easy application.


kids room decor pictures

Add a personal touch with handmade letters of children’s names. These are by Love Letters by Analisa

5. Room to Play

As they grow play spaces will turn into work spaces. Their first small play table should change into a desk. You may have several desks for your kids as they grow. Firstly where they can practice drawing and writing when they are younger and eventually do their homework. Is the desk in the room still the right size? If not it’s time for an update. Bean bags are a great replacement for smaller play tables and chairs. Older kids love to have space to lounge around.


Photo by Petite Cocoons

6. Accessories

Accessories like cushions, pictures, blankets are an easy update to make. Add bean bags for a place to sit, rugs for colour and comfort and pictures on the wall. There are so many great independent makers out there who create quirky and original decorative accessories for children’s rooms. Have a look around Etsy and Instagram for some inspiration.

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