How to brand a co-working space using vinyl

Vinyl is the material of choice when it comes to branding your co-working business within a new start-up and co-working space.

Branding and personalising your space is an essential part of signposting your business when positioned in a co-working environment. Vinyl graphics can offer a versatile and non permanent solution to logos, signage, wall and window coverings, privacy frosting and wayfinding.  This blog aims to illustrate how to brand your co-working space using vinyl.


Signage and Branding

Using a vinyl decal as a logo or signage lends itself well to bold and intricate graphics and texts. Applied in monochrome, bright colours or even a metallic finish can give a clear bold message of where you are.

Vinyl decals provide a quick, clear and non permanent signage alternative to using paint or etchings. They are as easy to apply as they are to remove, should you need to update your area.

Logos and artwork can also be printed onto a clear static cling material, which has no adhesive allowing freedom of movement as you can apply, remove and reapply to your desire. Take a look at our Instagram post for a visual example here.

Artwork & image credits: 1.3.5. Inkmill Vinyl 2. London Persian Rug Company  4.Standard8 6. PlantHub UK


Vinyl decal wayfinding graphics and signage for co-working spaceWayfinding

Wayfinding signage is a functional part of signposting your business, enabling people to navigate to your space easily.

Vinyl is a quick and easy way to achieve impactful directions and signs. As a non permanent fixture it is easy to put up, take down and replace should your plans change. Easier and less messy than paint, with clear sharp lines that can last for years.

Read our Wayfinding & Signage Blog  for more examples

Artwork & image credits: 1. Rocket Space   2. 3. Inkmill Vinyl  


frosted sheet vinyl

Frosted Vinyl

Frosted vinyl gives an etched glass effect, providing privacy screening with 85% light transmission.

Sheet vinyl can be applied for full or part screening. Building regs require that all glass partitions have manifestations as a safety measure to stop people walking into the glass. There are guidelines as to where they appear illustrated here, beyond that the specific design can vary greatly.

Artwork & image credits:1. Inkmill Vinyl  2. Rocket Space


Building regulations for glass partitions






Regulation states that the manifestation must be located between 850mm to 1000mm and 1400mm to 1600mm from the floor.




Stripes and Borders

Stripes and borders offer aesthetic decoration whilst complying with window manifestation regulations for any large glass partitions in a public space. 

For further regulation details read our Window Manifestation Regulations Blog 

Artwork & image credits: Inkmill Vinyl


patterned vinyl decal


Patterns can enhance any space with brand identity and personalisation. 

Customise your business space walls or windows with patterned vinyl decals in frost or an alternative colour.

We have a vast range of designs available to customise on the Inkmill website: Window & Wall Patterns or you can upload your own patterned artwork here.

Artwork & image credits: Inkmill Vinyl 2. 3. Topology Interiors


Printed Vinyl

Feature walls and windows can be created using printed vinyl where a true colour match, intricate detail and texture can be achieved which are not as attainable as with cut vinyl decals. 

Read our blog for more details on the difference of cut and decal vinyl here: Printed and Cut Vinyl Blog

Artwork & image credits: 3. Dough Lover


Inkmill Vinyl operate as preferred partners with new start-up and co-working studios

as well as providing a fully supported service to independent businesses. 

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