Fanlight Door Numbers & House Names

Create a unique identity for your home. This blog explains how to create your own fanlight vinyl house name or numbers using our text tool.

Our  vinyl lettering tool allows you to create, preview, get a live price and order online a custom fanlight graphic.

What is a fanlight?

A fanlight is a semi-circular or rectangular window over a door, and sometimes known as a transom window.  If you are lucky enough to have a front door with a fanlight it is an ideal spot to place your house name or number.

1. Droid Serif font, gold matt with matt black vinyl layered behind to give a drop shadow effect. 2. Diplomata font used in single brushed gold vinyl layer. 3. Vidaloka font used in single brushed gold vinyl layer

Step by step guide to creating a fanlight graphic using our text tool.

Steps to take and what to consider when creating a fanlight design. See this guide on our youtube channel.

yellow front door with a frosted fanlight graphic number two

The first thing to do is go to our vinyl lettering tool and log into your account (or sign up) so that your designs will be saved in your basket.


STEP 1. DESIGN BOARD SIZE.  Measure the width and height of your fanlight windowpane and enter the dimensions here. This is your ‘design board’, by entering these details the preview pane below will adjust to your dimensions and you can later ensure the text fits correctly in this space.

STEP 2. FORMAT TEXT.  Next enter your house name or number into the text box. Select a font from the drop-down menu to the left. Choose the text size in ‘line height’ above. Align the text to the centre. Click ‘update preview’ to see the changes.

INVERT the graphic if you want to have the text area blank and the background in vinyl, this tends to be useful if you are using frosting vinyl.

STEP 3. CHOOSE VINYL.  Choose the vinyl type and colour. See below for recommend vinyl options for fanlights.

STEP 4. CHOOSE SURFACE. Select ‘GLASS/MIRROR’. You will be prompted to check the ‘FLIP’ option. Fanlights should be applied to the inside of the window so using the flip option will ensure that the design is cut correctly and appears the right way around when viewed from the outside of the window.

STEP5. SAVE YOUR DESIGN – Retrieve your price and save your design or add it to your basked.

Orders are sent with illustrated install guides. See installation video on youtube account.

1. Race One font gives a modern 3d effect, in frosted vinyl, inverted. 2. Simple Arimo Bold font with frosted vinyl, inverted. 3. Diplomata, an elegant font with frosted vinyl, inverted.

1. Diplomata font in bright pink. 2. Cinzel, modern twist on using classic gold with black by switching the layers. 3. Race One used in bright yellow lemon vinyl to match door colour.

Vinyl options for fanlights

Original Georgian and Victorian door numbers and names would have been skilfully applied by sign-writers using gold leaf and paint.  Opting for vinyl lettering and number will tend to be a quicker and cheaper option as you can apply them yourself.

Vinyl graphic decals offer many more options for your design. Vinyl comes in lots of colours and a wide range of finishes from frosted to metallic and neon.


metallic gold double sided polished gold vinyl

Race One Font with metallic gold double sided polished gold vinyl.

The most popular option for fanlight signs. This metallic effect vinyl has a high gloss mirror finish. The vinyl is double sided so when the design is cut in reverse and applied to the inside of the window, the metallic effect shows through.


Fanlight door and house numbers using frosted vinyl is a cheaper alternative to sandblasting or etched glass.  Use the ‘INVERT’ option to make a design where the window is obscured by the frost vinyl and the number or name is removed to give a contrasted effect.

an etched glass effect, ideal for privacy with 85% light transmission.


We have over 60 colour options including silver and gold (non-metallic). All of the matt or gloss colour range is double sided so when the image is flipped and applied to the inside of the glass the colour will show correctly.

There are no hard and fast rules about which vinyls you can and can’t use for creating your fanlight. It is worth taking note that single sided metallic and neon vinyls are single sided meaning that if you want to use them these will need to be applied to the exterior surface of the glass and not flipped during the design process.

Fanlight graphics with drop shadows & curved text

 Do you have a more complicated design? Perhaps you want curved text? Are you looking for a black outline or drop shadow? There are two options; you can either send your own cut ready design to our upload area or if you do not have your own artwork you can email us with your request and our designers can create a bespoke design for you. Please note that creating your design via our text tool will be the most economical route.

examples of fanlight house names with gold vinyl

1. Cinzel Font with Gold brushed vinyl and enlarged matt black behind to give outline. 2. Pinyon Script, a Google Free Font. Customers can upload their own artwork files. 3. Vidaloka Font Gold matt vinyl.

See more fanlight designs on our pinterest board

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