COVID-19 social distancing and safety Signs

The aim of this blog is to give clear guidance about Covid-19 social distancing and safety signs. It will firstly cover the signage requirements outlined by and then followed by some faq’s on vinyl signage itself.

COVID-19 social distancing sign "only one person in the kitchen area at a time' floor vinyl sign
Social distanced printed vinyl floor signage for the office kitchen. ‘only one person in the kitchen area at a time floor vinyl sign’

The first and most important place to start are the requirements. Having Covid-19 social distancing safety signs in your business is now absolutely essential, but what do they need to say?

What measures do businesses need to take to make their premises Covid-19 secure and what are the messages for your Covid-19 signage?

This guidance is extracted from See here for full document. ‘Keeping workers and customers safe during COVID-19 in shops and branches’ Published 5/11/20

Clear guidance

  • Firstly, businesses must provide clear guidance on social distancing and hygiene measures to customers and employees on arrival.
Covid-19 social distancing floor stickers 'please stand here'
Social distancing floor stickers ‘please stand here’

Face Coverings

  • Remind people to wear face coverings where they are required.

Moving around buildings

  • Introduce more one-way flow through buildings. Provide floor markings and signage that remind both workers and customers to follow to social distancing wherever possible.
one way flow floor arrow signs
One way flow floor arrow signs


  • For areas where regular meetings take place, use floor signage to help people maintain social distancing.

Sanitation facilities

  • Provide regular reminders and signage to maintain hygiene standards.
bathroom safety Signs, gold 'wash your hands' sign
Not all signage need to be serious and bland. Metallic gold ‘wash your hands’ bathroom sign

Handling merchandise

  • Limit customer handling of merchandise, for example, through different display methods, new signage or rotation, or cleaning of high-touch stock with your usual cleaning products.

Operations communication

  • Use visual communications, for example whiteboards or signage, to explain changes to rotas or stock shortages without the need for face-to-face communications.
COVID-19 social distancing and safety Signs printed floor vinyl crosses
Floor vinyl crosses in the print room at Inkmill

Inbound & Outbound goods

  • Revise pick-up and drop-off collection points, procedures, signage and markings.
please sit here and be socially safe social distancing printed floor stickers

Technical Information about Covid-19 social distancing and safety signage

Are floor stickers anti-slip?

Yes! Floor vinyl must have an anti-slip surface. Once your graphic has been printed, we use an anti-slip and scratch resistant laminate.

The laminate has an anti-slip finish tested in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002 certification (Slider 96) and UK Slip Resistance Guidelines, as well as being tested to DIN 51130:2014, achieving an R9 rating. 

social distance gold floor vinyl sign

How do vinyl floor stickers stick?

We use a vinyl that is specifically designed for applying to interior floors. It has a high tack adhesive making it stickier than normal wall or window vinyl. It is very thin making it suitable for print and cut decal stickers.

What surfaces can your stickers stick to?

Our floor vinyl is strong enough to stick to pretty much all smooth flooring. The most important thing is that the flooring is smooth, if it is smooth it can be placed either inside or outside. A smooth wooden, tiled or ceramic floor surface is ideal. It is however always worth testing the area to check for good adhesion. And remember, always apply the floor vinyls to a completely dry surface.

How long do floor stickers last?

The vinyl material has been given a manufacturers durability rating of 1 year under normal floor use. It’s worth noting however that the manufacturers durability rating tends to be on the conservative side. Let us know if you are looking for a longer life span and we will make alternative suggestions.

Can you apply vinyl signage outside?

For textured surfaces such as tarmac or paving slabs we would offer an alternative printable material that has an inbuilt textured anti-slip surface. This material is durable enough for pavements and to withstand cars on road surfaces.

Bespoke Covid-19 Signage

gold vinyl wash your hands please sign
Metallic gold ‘wash your hands please’ bathroom sign

Although the message required by businesses are very clear the design of your signage can be unique and reflect your company brand.

hexagon floor vinyl at athlete kitchen cafe bar in cardiff
Hexagon floor vinyl at Athlete kitchen cafe bar in Cardiff

We produce and install all sorts of vinyl graphics for businesses. Take a look at our Instagram feed to get an idea of what we have been doing recently. If you don’t have any questions and already have artwork you can go straight to our upload area.

entrance floor vinyl direction sign
Fluorescent yellow entrance floor vinyl direction sign at Wembley box Park

If you would like to discuss your enquiry with our technical team, then drop us an email.

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