Vinyl Stickers for Christmas Window Designs

For retailers and hospitality businesses Christmas is without a doubt always the busiest time of the year. In the busy high street your shop window needs to stand out. Festive shop windows at Christmas are sure to turn heads and attract customers across the street to your store. Christmas window stickers are an easy to use solution and a key part of visual merchandising at this time of year. If you’re a retail business owner looking for an easy way to create your Christmas window designs have a look at our ideas to help

Consumers rarely hold off splurging at Christmas, in spite of the gloom of Brexit, retailers are preparing for another busy season. Creating an atmospheric and attractive Christmas shopping experience is essential to making the most of the shopping season.


Think of your Christmas shop window display as the biggest free advertising space you can get for your store and prepare to make the most of it. Whilst you may not have the budget to compete with world famous Christmas windows, with a bit of planning and some imagination you can create a quick and really impressive Christmas window display that will stop people in their tracks and attract customers to your store.

Firstly decide what the star of the show will be. Do you want your customers to focus on the whole of the window display or do you have several items you want to showcase in different parts of the window?

If you have several items then firstly select the best selling items that you want to attract people to buy. Consider where you will position them in the Christmas window display. Window stickers are great for showcasing items, and focusing the eyes on the goods on display away from other distractions. If you want to focus on a single item. Create a display of the item close to the front of the window.


Following this you can use window stickers to create a focus around the item. Starbursts of dots, stars and snowflakes can really make an impact. Bear in mind light colours will always stand out the brightest. At this time of year adding a bit of sparkle gold or silver vinyl adds to the party atmosphere. Ask us about our special finish vinyl. There are some great examples of how to design window displays in this blog about 12 Vinyl Decal designs for shop windows

Alternatively use the whole window to create a festive scene. Our seasonal stickers are now online and are perfect for creating Christmas shop window displays. There is a huge selection of wintery borders, woodland animals and snow scenes to create the perfect Christmas window designs.


This woodland scene is just one of our selection of winter window stickers. For more Christmas Shop window display ideas take a look at our Pinterest Board for some inspiration. It is packed with novel ideas for for creating exciting Christmas window designs. If you have something in mind you’d like to recreate, ask us about our custom window designs.




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