5 Uses for Blackboard Vinyl

Blackboards are a useful tool to have around the home or the office. A great place for creating ever-changing art, writing notes, and keeping track of your calendar, the potential for customisation is endless. However, blackboards themselves are big and bulky, and blackboard paint is difficult, messy, and scarily permanent. The solution? Blackboard vinyl.

What is blackboard vinyl?

A self adhesive wall covering that can easily be applied to (and removed from) walls, windows and other surfaces. Unlike blackboard paint, the surface is stronger and won’t chip or wear in the same way. See our website for fully illustrated walk-through instructions on how to apply blackboard vinyl from start to finish.

Blackboard Wall

A blackboard wall is handy for creating artwork, writing notes, or letting the kids go wild without worrying about mess. It’s a great way of adding some creativity into any space, without the worry of damaging surfaces. Blackboard vinyl allows you to easily apply and remove the chalkboard surface.

Blackboard Packaging


Blackboard vinyl for product packaging - Honeywell Bakes


This image from Honeywell Bakes shows just how blackboard vinyl can make the perfect customisable packaging. Allowing you to write any message that you want for gifts or branding, it’s an easy alternative to paper that can be used over and over again. We printed a run of custom rounded blackboard vinyl stickers for Honeywell Bakes. Your vinyl can be custom printed too, so it can fit whatever size you’re looking for.

Blackboard Calendar


Blackboard vinyl calendar


Instead of opting for paper calendars, a blackboard vinyl calendar allows you to use and reuse to avoid wasted paper. You can easily chop and change your monthly plans, making this the best way to keep on top of your organisation. Plus, you can decorate your days however you want, so your months always look just how you want them to.

Blackboard Labels


Blackboard vinyl labels for tea jars


Blackboard vinyl labels are the perfect way to label your bits and bobs. Even if the contents change, you can still keep your sticker – just rub off your writing and re-label. Not only do they look great, they’re really convenient too. If you’re trying to reduce your waste, these chalkboard labels come in really handy. They even make great name stickers for office or bedroom doors.

Blackboard To-Do Lists



Sticking up a blackboard in the office or on the kitchen wall allows you to create quick, visible to-do lists, shopping lists, and chore planners. Vinyl is sleek and thin. This means that you don’t have to worry about leaving notepads around, and everything is always clean, tidy, and in one place, so you have peace of mind.
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