Amazing teenage bedroom ideas

See how interior design pros decorate teenager’s rooms. These 15 amazing teenage bedroom ideas feature a great range vinyl wall decals. Get inspired and use the links to get the look for your next decorating project. Here is our Inkmill Vinyl round-up of interior design pros-

Amazing teenage bedroom ideas

 Strong colours

This bold and bright look works for tweenagers upwards. The blue and red colour contrast is a vibrant yet calming colour scheme.
Get the lookVinyl decal trees can be produced in any size and colour to fit your room and paint scheme. Get this effect using strong contrasting colours. Choose from a wide range of vinyl decal birds and have them produced in a contrasting colour to suit your scheme.

Amazing teenage bedroom ideas girls
Stronger dark colours with a similar tree pattern are used here for a boys room.
Amazing teenage bedroom ideas boy

Encouraging hobbies and interests

Encourage a love of hobbies and recognise their dedication to sports in their bedroom decor.  Get the lookSkateboard heel flip sticker.
Teenage boys skateboard bedroom
Rooms for teenagers with a love of ice-skating and gymnastics use bold wall patterns to illustrate their love of sports.
Teenage girls ice skating bedroom
Teenage girls bedroom gymnastics

Go Dotty!

Layers of pastel colour are the main scheme of this bedroom. The vinyl decal dots bring interest to the walls. Get the look -Use these vinyl decal circles in a mixture of sizes and colours applied across the wall. Layer colour, texture and pattern with textiles and accessories.
amazing teenage bedroom ideas dots
Another gorgeous example of an elegant teenage room with layers of colour and pattern
amazing teenage bedroom ideas spots

Big and bold

Keeping with a dotty theme but changing the scale. Another design using circles on a bright yellow background
Circle vinyl walls stickers
Bigger and better circle patterns make more amazing teenage bedroom ideas. Using vinyl is easier than stencilling. No worries about uneven edges and easy to remove when you want to change your decor. Get the Look – Get this set of vinyl circle stickers in colours of your choice to match your scheme
circle vinyl wall stickers

Something to Say?

Teenagers can be passionate in their beliefs. Quotations and song lyrics can let the world know exactly how they feel.
Get the look – There are several ways to achieve this look. Order plain vinyl sheets and hand cut vinyl letters to make up your design. Alternatively use our custom vinyl lettering tool to type your own quote in one of our many fonts.
amazing teenage bedroom ideas vinyl lettering

Get personal

Putting their name on the walls to show everyone exactly who lives here. Get the lookCreate a vinyl name sticker quickly and easily by typing a name with this text tool. the name sticker can be created in the font and size that you choose. Alternatively you can order individual vinyl letters to make up the name
Custom vinyl name sticker
Another name sticker that would work well in a teenager’s room is this reversed out version.
teenage boy name sticker
Instead of a name, personalise a room with a monogram. Get the look -Design a monogram with a scripted font in a circle. Choose your vinyl size and colours, upload your design to get a unique monogram vinyl wall sticker.
Design your own wall sticker

Pattern rules!

A bold and bright look using a repeating retro pattern. Get the look -For a similar pattern try Geometric Tulip. Alternatively Cherry Blossom and Tulip Wall. Bold, stylish retro vinyl wall patterns which can scaled up in size and printed in a range of colours to match your decor.
retro vinyl wall patterns

Get the message

You’re never too old to draw on the walls. Doodles or algebra, messages or song lyrics. Get the look – Blackboard vinyl can be cut into a range of patterns and shapes or order a rectangle to size to cover a whole wall space.
Teenage room vinyl chalkboard
For more great examples amazing rooms for kids and teenagers have a look at our Ideabooks on Houzz UK . Instagram is also a great source of inspiration for children’s room designs. Inkmill Vinyl sell custom vinyl wall stickers in the UK. Get inspired by our round-up of amazing teenage bedroom ideas and create rooms like an interior design pro. Easy to order designs in custom made sizes. Great range of colours to suit your room schemes.  Find out more at
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