Wayfinding – Design your own signs for directions

Wayfinding is a word to describe a process of directing people from one location to another. This is achieved by using a series of illustrated prompts such as directional signs like arrows and numbers along with designated area name signs. It is an important part of environmental graphic design (EGD), connecting people with the environment through means of graphic media. Designing your own signage offers a great opportunity to enhance your working environment or commercial premises.



Wayfinding signs for health and safety

Wayfinding is a crucial element of health and safety in large public buildings. Buildings such as hospitals or airports use wayfinding signs to essentially direct people who haven’t visited the building before quickly and effectively to their destination. In these buildings many people may be trying to reach an end point at the same time. Signs ensure a clearly illustrated route using designated pathways to ensure people can move around the building without confusion and delay. Choose from ready-made designs and specify your own colour scheme to enhance your space

Wayfinding exit sign

Along the way safety essentials such as fire exits, assembly points, hazard warnings and first aid stations are usually specified by signage.

Directional signage for commerce

Wayfinding is also be used to direct people via a specific route. We are all familiar with the phrase, “Exit via the gift shop”. A directional strategy used by attractions including theme parks, zoos and museums to encourage a last minute sale from visitors. Similarly in stores and shopping malls wayfinding is based on retail psychology. Retail psychology defines the placement of products, access into the store, route around the store and location of areas such as fitting rooms, checkouts and in-store cafes. Environments designed to make people feel more comfortable about spending use a lot of signage and visual prompts in their execution.

Routes and trails

In outdoor spaces such as parks or cityscapes signs are often used to illustrate a directional route which visitors can take to complete a trail of the area. Signs can also be used to point out areas and features that would otherwise be missed by visitors.

Sign in an outdoor park


An opportunity to emphasise a company’s branding within their working environment. Careful integration of corporate colours into signs and directional illustrations can create blend together to create a cohesive environmental design.

Wayfinding sign in an office

Designing with vinyl signs

Vinyl is a versatile material and easy to apply in order to indicate directions to locations. It is easy to apply and affordable.

Vinyl door numbers

There are several solutions for creating signs for your working environment. Firstly, try vinyl lettering. Use the Inkmill vinyl lettering tool to type in the words and phrases that you need. Choose your colours and sizes and preview your signs online. Get an instant accurate quote and a quick turnaround on production. Produce signs positively or in reverse so that you can apply them to the inside of glass doors or windows. Secondly, choose from a ready made selection of signs in our custom vinyl sticker selection. There are signs to cover directions as well as locations like WC. Thirdly, there is an option to upload your own artwork to create a truly bespoke set of stickers. Especially useful if you are using particular designs or  colours to incorporate branding into your signage. See Pinterest for some awe inspiring examples of signage design.

InkmillVinyl.co.uk sells ready-made and made to order vinyl stickers in the UK. Contact us for more information on signage for your office or commercial premises.

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