12 Vinyl Decal Designs for shop windows

Vinyl decal designs for shop windows

Shop windows are an essential part of visual merchandising and branding of your retail business. Creating an attractive window display to attract customers and display your products to their best advantage is key. But where do you start when thinking about how to design your shop window? Vinyl decals are easy to apply and create in a wide range colours. Long lasting once applied, they can also be easily removed when you want to change the look of your store. Here are 12 simple vinyl decal designs for shop windows which will turn heads and and attract customers across the street to your store.

Vinyl logo decals for shop windows

These are easily created on our website by uploading the artwork of your logo. Size matters – A coffee shop or service such as a dry cleaners can benefit from a vinyl logo which is large and covers most of the window. This is because they are selling a service and do not rely on marketing goods to passers by. However a fashion store may wish to use a smaller vinyl logo, in a less prominent position so that most of the window space can be used for displaying the current seasons apparel. Colour is an important factor in your window design and visual merchandising. Brighter colours will stand out on a shop window however dark colours may struggle to be seen. There are more visual merchandising tips about using colour in this blog about vinyl lettering for shop windows.

Vinyl logos for shop windows

Vinyl decal designs for shop windows

Vinyl decal designs for holiday windows

Holiday seasons such as Valentine’s day and Christmas are key shopping dates for retailers such as florists or confectioners. Plan ahead and prepare your window display. Find inspiration in visual social media such as Pinterest or Instagram to discover what’s trending this season and start creating a story for your window design. Alternatively classic holiday motifs as used in these store windows are always popular. Seasonal vinyl decal designs for shop windows are easily and quickly applied and removed so they are ideal for short term promotions.

holiday vinyl decals for shop windows

Vinyl decal window designs to put products centre stage

Focus on your products and put your best sellers centre stage using frosted window film to create showcase windows. These window designs highlight the season’s key buys. Window film creates an eye catching through the keyhole effect to show off your best selling products. These designs use plain frosted window film. Alternatively get a stronger effect using vinyl film in bright colours. Lighting is key to an attractive visual display. Highlighting the products in focus will show them off to best effect.

Shop window vinyl decals

When displaying smaller products use smaller windows in the vinyl film to draw people in. Jewellers and accessories stores often use this technique to focus on particular smaller sized products.

Vinyl decals for window displays

Cut out designs. These work well when created in bold bright colours. Colours attract attention whilst the clear areas are used to showcase products.

Custom vinyl stickers for windows

vinyl window stickers

To create your perfect window display Inkmill Vinyl have two great tools for creating vinyl decals for windows. For vinyl logos and graphic designs simply upload your artwork to our website and resize to fit your window size. For creating text use the custom vinyl lettering tool. Enter your text, format the size font and colour and receive and instant price and order instructions for your design. Discover more tips for creating your perfect window design in the ‘Vinyl lettering for shop window displays’ blog.  Inkmill Vinyl is an online service for creating vinyl lettering and graphics for all kinds of applications. If you’d like to find out more about using creating vinyl lettering for shop window displays, call us to discuss your ideas. For more examples of shop windows designed from all over the world, visit our Inspirational Store Windows board on Pinterest.

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