Forget blackboard paint – blackboard vinyl makes life so much easier

Blackboard walls are a great way to add character to your home. They create an endlessly changing backdrop to add homespun works of art, organise your ideas as well as let everyone know the writing on the wall. If you’re thinking of using blackboard paint to create a blackboard area or a whole blackboard wall in your home then just stop right there. Don’t lift a paintbrush until you’ve read what we have to say about this simple trick to easily create a blackboard in your home.

A fuss free alternative to blackboard paint

So what if we told you that you could create a blackboard wall in your home with no blackboard paint, no messy paintbrushes, in half the time. As well as not having to wait in between coats for the blackboard paint to dry,  you won’t have to move or protect any furniture from being damaged in the process. So how exactly do you create a blackboard at home without…

  • blackboard paint
  • paintbrushes
  • mess
  • paint odours
  • furniture protecting or moving
  • paint drying time

Well here is the simple answer… use a piece of blackboard vinyl.

San Carlos Residence Two

So here’s how to make a quick and easy blackboard in your home?

Blackboard vinyl is a self adhesive wall covering that can easily be applied to walls and windows around the home. Unlike blackboard paint the vinyl surface is stronger and won’t chip or wear in the same way that paint can. Furthermore blackboard vinyl can be ordered in ready-made designs which can be made-to-order by entering the dimensions you need to perfectly fit your space. Alternatively buy rolls of blackboard vinyl which can be used like wallpaper. Simply cut the length to the height of your wall use a spirit level to ensure the vinyl is straight and apply the vinyl as a self-adhesive wallpaper.

Apply blackboard vinyl to a wall

See our website for fully illustrated walk-through instructions on how to apply blackboard vinyl from start to finish.

Ideas for blackboard walls at home

Blackboards have varied uses around the home. From a small notice board for reminders and calendars through to whole feature walls which can additionally be used as an ever changing art wall. Here are some great examples to inspire you for your blackboard project.

Small Blackboards

Create small blackboards by upcycling an old picture frame. Simply remove the glass and cut a cardboard template to fit the inside of the picture frame. Cover the cardboard template with blackboard vinyl and replace it inside together with the backing of the frame.

These blackboards add a nice vintage touch with their use of otherwise old picture frames.

Breakfast Nook


Living Room
Similarly for a more contemporary look this modern yellow framed blackboard adds a colour pop in a kids playroom.
Brooklyn Heights

Blackboards on door panels

Vinyl can be cut to fit door panels which go beyond functional and create blackboards which are a great way to keep ahead of the game.

To recreate this door use our custom vinyl lettering tool to create the days of the week in the vinyl words which sit above each panel.

Kitchen Inspiration
Likewise keep the cupboards fully stocked with handy reminders and shopping lists you can’t miss.
Presidio Heights Condo

Additionally keep cupboards organised with handy lists of where to keep all those extra sheets and blankets.

Blackboard Paint cupboard
If you are lucky enough to have a pool table room at home, of course you’ll need a blackboard to keep score.
Chalkboard Vinyl Sticker

Vinyl blackboards for kids

We love this low level strip of vinyl which is placed at just the right height for kids to get creative with.

blackboard vinyl in kitchen
The oak tree vinyl blackboard sticker is one of the many blackboard vinyl shapes on our website. Choose from our ready-made designs or insteadupload your own graphics to create a truly bespoke blackboard.
Oak tree shaped vinyl blackboard
These feature walls actually encourage kids to get creative and draw all over the walls – ahh the fun and freedom!
Chalkboard paint and vinyl
They’ll never get bored of these walls. They can create their wall coverings to suit their tastes as they grow and change.
K i d s S p a c e s

Vinyl blackboards for home offices

Black and white are always a striking colour combination. Creating walls that you can write on is a quirky feature to help keep your office organised

For example here a wipeable blackboard marker pen used instead of chalks for a really crisp look.

Blackboard paint wall office
A large blackboard wall keeps everyone organised in this kitchen which doubles as a home office as well as a food prep and dining space.
vinyl chalkboard wall

The writing is on the wall

Some unexpected places where blackboards are a design feature. Some might say innovative or just eccentric. What do you think of these.
Here’s another take on graffiti on the toilet walls.
Blackboard graffiti wall
A design feature incorporated into wooden panelling in a room. What would you write, an autobiography for example, or just todays menu!
ChalkBoard Paint Dining Room
Finally a way to brighten up boring old white goods and turn functional into fun
Chalkboard Paint Fridge
Buy vinyl wall stickers online from the Inkmill Vinyl website. Hundreds of ready-made designs to choose from or upload your own graphics and create your own bespoke vinyl wall stickers. A choice of colours and finishes including gold and silver as well as blackboard vinyl and frosted window film.
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