Are vinyl wall stickers removable?

Vinyl wall stickers are easy to apply and are easily removable. We are often asked how to remove vinyl wall stickers. What tools will you need? How easy is it to remove wall stickers which have been on the wall a long time? Are vinyl wall stickers removable? Yes – provided you follow a few basic guidelines. Here is our Inkmill Vinyl Guide on…

How to remove vinyl stickers

1.     Use a sharp, clean blade or your fingernail to pick at the edge of the vinyl surface

How to remove vinyl wall stickers


2.     Once you are able to grasp a corner of the sticker start peeling the vinyl slowly away from the wall at a 45 degree angle.

Are vinyl wall stickers removable


3.       The vinyl should come away easily but if you are having problems, try gently heating the corner of the vinyl sticker with a hairdryer on a gentle setting. This should loosen the adhesive from the vinyl and allow you to peel the sticker away from the wall. Continue heating gently a section at a time and peel away until complete.

How to remove vinyl wall decals


4.    You shouldn’t have any problems with adhesive remaining on the wall. If there is any it should come off with some warm soapy water.

Are vinyl wall decals removable


5.     If the adhesive is more stubborn, for glass surfaces try window cleaner. For walls, an acetone based adhesive remover should work on stubborn spots. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using on painted surfaces or wallpapers. Always test a small section first, in an area which is less visible, to ensure it won’t remove the paint colour from the wall.

Are vinyl wall stickers removable? Yes they are – just follow our tips for best results on removing vinyl wall stickers. Inkmill Vinyl sell readymade vinyl wall stickers in the UK at  Visit our website to see our full range of wall sticker designs or upload your own designs to create custom vinyl wall decals to use in your home or office.

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